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LUNGtivity ™  is a gentle movement program from the Manitoba Lung Association for Manitobans living with lung conditions, such as COPD, Long Covid, Pulmonary Fibrosis, and asthma.  The program was developed by The Wellness Institute, the University of Winnipeg, and the Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC) in consultation with graduates of and practitioners in the Pulmonary Rehab Program.

LUNGtivity focuses on breath and diaphragm awareness and toning, core work/activation, muscle conditioning/stretching, with body intelligence and education. There may be a mind-body portion for stress relief. The movements are slow, progressive, and corrective so the patient can be supported in their activities of daily living.

The classes are 45 minutes, once a week, for 6-8 weeks. The program is designed for small groups of 6-10 people.  

LUNGtivity can be done sitting, standing with or without walking aids, with or without oxygen, and on zoom or in-person. It can be used a stand-alone program or combined with the Pulmonary Rehab program and other traditional exercise classes. LUNGtivity can be modified for specific conditions by specially trained and certified MFC instructors. The program runs in the community in a variety of accessible locations with little to no cost. 

The goals of the LUNGtivity ™ program are to:

  • Reduce feelings of breathlessness during daily activities
  • Remain independent for as long as possible
  • Be active in a safe and accessible environment
  • Be supported in lung disease self-management

LUNGtivity ™  is a continuation of the exercise portion of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program offered in Manitoba. Before starting this exercise program, you are not required to complete a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program. However, it is strongly recommended either before participating in LUNGtivity ™ or at the same time as LUNGtivity ™.

This is the exercise program for you if you can:

  • Safely attend a community exercise class
  • Walk and transfer to a chair on your own or with a gait aide (cane/walker, etc.)
  • Administer/change and manage your own oxygen (if you require oxygen)
  • Have an emergency contact available during your exercise class for safety

To participate in this program:

  • You will be asked to fill out some screening questionnaires and consent to participate in an exercise program· to ensure your safety.
  • You will be asked to provide phone numbers for two emergency contacts who are available during your exercise class in case you feel unwell.

For virtual classes, you will need:

  • An e-mail address to communicate and receive class links and registration forms
  • A computer or smartphone with a camera and access to a stable internet connection. We ask that you have your computer or smartphone camera on at all times so the Fitness Leader can see you during the exercise class
  • The only home equipment you need is a sturdy chair (dining room or kitchen is best). It is not necessary to have any exercise equipment, but if you have small weights, bands, or tubing, the instructor may assist you in using it
  • Participants may be asked to speak to their health care provider before beginning this exercise program.

TO REGISTER: Call Annabel at 204-999-9984


From the Corydon Community Centre, River Heights site:

 “Ideal location for the environment, safety with a small group. I have really enjoyed this. Thank you! This has been great to keep my life motivated, learning, and meaningful.”

"I can breathe better, I feel more flexible and more relaxed, and I enjoy the people in the class. Socialization with small groups has been a benefit."

"My favourite part of the program is meeting other individuals with breathing issues. Sharing information is so great.  It really makes you stop and think about how your body and lungs are working.I like the size of the group and how it is so personalized. I feel that I have learned so much from this program. Thank you. I will be back in the fall."

As an older adult who was diagnosed with asthma...

"I had the opportunity to participate in the LUNGtivity program this past winter. Having used puffers off and on for the past 20 years, I found I was needing to use them more in my daily life yet was not getting the relief that I needed. It was a learning opportunity for me and others who attended. We listened to lectures that helped us to better understand more about our lungs, lung conditions, triggers, etc. The participants were able to share their experiences and we learned and practiced together. I have continued the physical and breathing exercises. Practicing pursed lip breathing and learning how to relax has been helpful especially this spring when smoke and pollens filled the air.  I strongly support the continuation of this type of program where a professional works in a group setting thereby maximizing their expertise and ultimately giving us the skills where we now have strategies to prevent attacks or at least to minimize them. An added and unexpected bonus has been the support system that developed among some of the participants."

Favourite Part of LUNGtivity:

"The education on the body and the functions as they relate to better breathing. I am definitely coming back"

"I loved the diaphragmatic breathing and the relaxing contemplating and reflection with breathing at the end of class. I am going to continue"

"So happy I took this and loved the energy I felt after and definitely coming back"

"Best part was the guided exercises that were easy to follow. There was conversation then exercises then "meditative breathing". I am going again."

TO REGISTER: Call Annabel at 204-999-9984

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Resources: WRHA Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program  Referral form for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program


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