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Mission & History

Our Mission

As the recognized leader and primary resource in lung health, our mission is to enable all Manitobans to breathe with ease

Our Vision

A province free of lung disease

Our Values

Our primary belief is that no one should have to struggle to breathe.

Integrity - We maintain the highest possible standards of ethics and professionalism in all that we do.

Transparency - We are open and accountable for our actions.

Respect - We respect our clients, volunteers, donors, and staff without discrimination and protect their privacy.

Innovation - Ongoing research and knowledge translation are essential to help us achieve our mission.

Excellence - Our programs follow best practices for lung health and have the highest possible impact on Manitobans.

Empowerment - We equip Manitobans to take care of their lung health.

Teamwork - We value and actively pursue collaboration and cooperation with provincial and national staff, volunteers and other partners and stakeholders.

Stewardship - We uphold the principles of due diligence in the management of our assets and raise funds only from legitimate sources that align with our mission.

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