Protect Your Legacy - Create or Update Your Will

We all know we should have a Will.  However, the majority of Manitobans do not have one.  If you do not have a Will your estate may be directed in ways you never wished or intended.  Without a Will, you forfeit the right to have your assets distributed as you wish.  Having an up-to-date Will prepared by a lawyer is the best way to ensure that your wishes will be carried out after your passing. 

We want to help you with this.  The Lung Association, Manitoba, and The Canadian Free Will Network have entered into a partnership to help Manitobans maximize their charitable impact and leave a lasting legacy. 

Access to The Canadian Free Will Network is made available by The Lung Association, Manitoba. The Canadian Free Will Network connects individuals or couples to local lawyers to create simple legal Wills.  The costs are covered by The Lung Association, Manitoba

There is no obligation to leave a gift in their Will to The Lung Association, Manitoba, but it is our hope that you choose to do so.

The Lung Association, Manitoba will not be aware of the content of your Will or it's listed beneficiaries unless you choose to inform us directly or a legacy gift is made after your passing.  However, we encourage you to inform us of your planned legacy gift so we could personally thank you and potentially arrange any public acknowledgments if you wish your gift to be made public.

The Lung Association, Manitoba’s Legacy Program is the best way to leave a lasting legacy that will help fellow Manitobans that suffer from a lung health concern by empowering us to run direct programs, fund lung health research and advocate for lung health for all Manitobans. 

Any amount or percentage of an estate, after all, debts and specific bequests to loved ones are made, can be directed towards The Lung Association, Manitoba.  Legacy gifts can be directed towards The Lung Association, Manitoba’s General Fund or our Research Fund. 

Any supporter (past or present) or well-wisher of The Lung Association, Manitoba is welcome to access the program. There are a limited number of spots available. 

Thank you so much.  We are honoured you choose us to partner with; your gift will truly make a difference for generations!


For more information or assistance, please contact Marissa Trinidad, our Donor and Development Coordinator, at 204.774.5501 ext.230 or send her an email.


Please let us know that you have added us to your Will.  We would like to personally thank you and arrange any potential public acknowledgments or make sure your support remains private - it is totally up to you.  Please contact Kyle Mason at 204-774-5501 ext. 229 or send him an email.


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