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LUNGtivity ™ is a community exercise program for individuals with lung diseases such as COPD.  It is both a virtual (online) and in-person class (when permitted) run by Fitness Leaders specially trained to work with those who have lung conditions.

The goals of the LUNGtivity ™ program are to:

·         Encourage daily movement and stay active for life

·         Help a person with the self-management of their condition

·         Improve a patients daily lung function and help them feel better

·         Provide a safe and accessible exercise environment

LUNGtivity ™ is a continuation of the exercise portion of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program offered in Manitoba.  It is not required that you complete a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program before this exercise program. However, it is strongly recommended either before participating in LUNGtivity ™ or at the same time as LUNGtivity ™.



This is the exercise program for you if you can:

·         Walk and transfer to a chair on your own or with a gait aide

          (cane/walker, etc.)

·         Administer/change your own oxygen (if you require oxygen)

·         Have an emergency contact available during your exercise class for safety



Program Requirements:

To participate in this program:

·         You will need an e-mail address to communicate and receive class links and registration forms

·         You will need a computer or smartphone with a camera and access to a stable internet connection

·         You will be asked to fill out some screening questionnaires and consent to participate in an exercise program

·         You will be asked to provide phone numbers for two emergency contacts who are available during your exercise class in case you feel unwell

·         We ask that you have your computer or smartphone camera on at all times so the Fitness Leader can see you during the exercise class

·         The only equipment you need is a sturdy chair – ideally with arms.  It is not necessary to have any exercise equipment, but if you have some  (small weights, bands, or tubing), the instructor may assist you in using it

·         Participants may be asked to speak to their health care provider before beginning this exercise program.



Resources and helpful links:  – Canadian Lung Association   “Home-based rehabilitation for COPD using minimal resources: a randomized, controlled equivalence trial”  BY Anne E Holland,  Ajay Mahal, Catherine J Hill, Annemarie L Lee, Angela T Burge, Narelle S Cox, Rosemary Moore, Caroline Nicolson, Paul O’Halloran, Aroub Lahham, Rebecca, Gillies, and Christine F McDonald


Pulmonary Rehabilitation resources: WRHA Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program  Referral form for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

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