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Cannabis and Lung Health

As the recognized leader and primary resource in lung health, The Lung Association's mission is to enable all Manitobans to breathe with ease. Inhalation of smoke is harmful to the lungs regardless of the type of smoke or the source. While cannabis smoke is different than tobacco smoke it shouldn’t be seen as healthy, and Cannabis should never be smoked with tobacco.

The Lung Association strongly believes that investments in research and education are imperative to avoid long-term health issues. Overall, research has been lacking for a number of reasons including the difficulty researching a prohibited substance, the variation in quality of an illegal product, possible contaminants in illegal growing operations and variations in how cannabis is consumed.  With the legalization of cannabis, this should open the door for more research to take place for any possible benefits or harmful side-effects. People considering medical cannabis should discuss methods of administration other than smoking with their health-care provider.

In the meantime, we ask that cannabis smokers consider their neighbours even if smoking outside as the travelling smoke and smell can affect other people. In enclosed spaces, inhalation of second-hand cannabis smoke can be a problem for others. One in five Manitobans has a lung health issue that may be affected, and many people have a sensitivity to strong odours, please be considerate.

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